The famous prizewinning  „Hermannsweg“ has been awarded the seal of the german rambling association since 2008, as one of the best routes in the country. It is approximately 160 km long, starts in Rheine and ends in Vlemersnot near Bad Meinberg. This route passes about 1 km from our Campsite.




Since 2014, several new routes have been made in the Teutoberg forest. They are called „Teutoschleifen“ Teutoloops.

The „Teutoschleife Holperdorper“ has an access trail direct from our campsite and is around 14 km long. It cross the Hermannsweg twice.



The „Ahornweg“ (Maple path) is about 600m from the campsite. It  is the „Green Route 1“ which goes from Bad Iburg to Hagen a.T.W.

There are 6 routes that start in Bad Iburg.